The Botanical Garden Shop

Located in a small red-brick listed building at the entrance, near Nørreport Station, the Botanical Garden Shop offers a seasonal selection of plants, flowers and seeds.

We are always ready to assist with plant care and maintenance guidelines, so you can be successfull in taking proper care of some of the demanding and fragile plants. 

In addition to beautiful postcards and posters, you can find useful garden tools and literature on plants. If you are looking for a gift, the shop also features fun and functional gifts, as well as home items intended to improve everyday living.

Selected articles from the shop

  • Bybi Honey from the Botanical Garden

    The honey is a product of the collaboration between Copenhagen city bees and the 11.000+ plant species, that are growing in the Botanical Garden.

    Prices: DKK 32 (40 g.) / DKK 65 (200 g.)

  • Bybi Honey Giftbox

    The box contains local honey from four different city districts, incl. the Botanical Garden. The flora in Copenhagen varies from district to district and from season to season, and therefore the giftbox offers a wide range of tasteful honey.

    Price: DKK 125 (4x40 g.)

  • Bird houses and bird feeders

    The Botanical Garden Shop sells the popular bird houses and bird feeders made of recycled plastic from Born in Sweden.

    Prices: Bird houses from DKK 115 and bird feeders from DKK 135