About the Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is part of the Natural History Museum of Denmark, at the University of Copenhagen. The garden holds the largest Danish collection of living plants and also has at its disposal three gene banks. The garden is affiliated to the largest Danish herbaria collections with plants and fungi, and is furthermore connected to the central library for botanical literature in Denmark, Botanisk Centralbibliotek.

The purpose of the Botanical Garden is to add to our knowledge and understanding of the diversity of the vegetable and fungi kingdom, and through that advance the knowledge of plants and fungi and their conservation. Another purpose of the garden is to strengthen the interest in national and global nature values.

The Botanical Garden fulfills its purposes by

  • maintaining and developing the scientific collections of living and preserved plants and fungi in line with good, international practice and international conventions.

  • making the collections and the information they contain available for research, teaching and public information.

  • managing the central library for botanical literature, Botanisk Centralbibliotek.

  • carrying out research, mainly in relation to the collections.

  • participating in the university training within the research fields of the Botanical Garden.

  • contributing to conservation of plants and fungi, both nationally and globally.

  • communicating the knowledge of plants/fungi and encouraging the interest in national and global nature values through exhibitions, activities and events.