Herbarium of Lichens – University of Copenhagen

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The Herbarium of Lichens

Curator: Nina Lundholm

The herbarium includes ca. 266,000 specimens of lichens from all groups and from all over the world. It holds the largest collection of Danish lichens with about 900 species, and the largest collection of Greenland lichens with about 1,000 species.

The most important collections of the following lichenologists are found in the herbarium:
Deichmann Branth (Branth).
Mogens Skytte Christiansen (M. S. Christ.)
Mølholm Hansen
Jens Vahl

Important exsiccata in the herbarium:
Lichenes Africani (Lund)
Lichenes Canadensis Exsiccati (Ottawa)
Lichenes Rariores et Critici Exsiccati (Tokyo)
Lichenes Minus Cogniti Exsiccati (Tokyo)
Lichenes Exsiccati Norvegiae (Bergen)
Lichenes Exsiccati (Arizona)
Fungi Lichenicola Exsiccati (Uppsala)
Lichenes Selecti Exsiccati Upsalienses (Uppsala)
Lichenotheca Latinoamericana (Berlin)
Lichenes Exsiccati (Boulder)
Lichenes Exsiccati (Minnesota)
Lichenotheca Graecensis (Graz)
Lichenes Isidiosi et Sorediosi Crustacei Exsiccati (Bergen)
Lecideaceae Exsiccatae (München)
Cladoniaceae Americanae Exsiccatae (Farlow Herbarium, Harvard)