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The collections of Herbarium C 

The herbaria, seed-collection, alcohol-collection etc. include approximately 2,628,000 collections. The largest collections are the seven herbaria. Besides, there is a collection of preparations in alcohol, a collection of preparations of useful plants, a collection of wood-samples and a seed-collection. The former herbarium CP ws transferred to Herbarium C in 2016. 

The General Herbarium of Vascular Plants (vascular plants outside Denmark and Greenland) The Danish Herbarium (vascular plants from Denmark)
The Greenlandic Herbarium (vascular plants from Greenland)
The Herbarium of Bryophytes
The Algal Herbarium
The Lichen Herbarium
The Fungal Herbarium

The collection of about 46,000 alcohol preparations (vascular plants, algae, fungi)
The collection of biocultural plants (1618 pieces)
The collection of wood-samples (ca. 4,100 samples)
The collection of seeds (ca. 12,000 samples)

Link to the different collection - please look at the coloumn to the right.

The collections are temporarily housed in Priorparken outside Copenhagen while we build a new Natural History Museum at the premises of the Botanic Garden in the coming years. 

All type specimens are registered digitally with label data and images. High resolution scans exist, but not all are uploaded yet. Please contact us for images of types not yet available. Link to database: