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Experimental Department

The facilities of the experimental department are placed at the disposal of researchers and senior students from the University of Copenhagen and other institutions. In practical terms, this comprises horticultural assistance, use of experimental greenhouses or space for growing plants outdoors, maintenance of the plants, etc.). 

On average, the experimental department cultivates and maintains plants for more than 30 researchers from a variety of institutions, such as the University of Copenhagen, the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, the Technical University of Denmark, the Pharmaceutical University and the Research Center for Forest and Landscape. 

The Experimental Department consists of two separate parts, one situated 20 km west of Copenhagen and the other within the garden in the city. In 1995 32 scientists had 51 projects running.

The Experimental Field of the Botanic Garden
Agrovej 3, DK 2630 Tåstrup. Tel: 0045+43993025
Gardener-foreman Torkild Pedersen. Gardener Torben Hinding. 

The entire area is 6.29 ha. Some plants are cultivated in the field, others in pots in the frame yard or in greenhouses. The frame yard consists of 28 rows with 12 frames, 180 x 121 cm each. The two hot houses are 128 m² and 150 m² and an unheated house is 111 m². Working rooms and facilities for the crew and visiting scientist are also present. A part of the field is used for the general collection.

The Experimental Section in Copenhagen
Øster Farimagsgade 2 B, DK 1353 Copenhagen K.
Gardener Jimmy O. Olsen (house nos. H24 and H26). Tel: 0045+35322213.
Gardener Finn L. Thingvad (house nos. H21, H22, H23 and H25). Tel: 0045+35322236.

Greenhouses: nos. H21 (51 m²), H22 (51 m²), H23 (51 m²), and H26 (128 m²) are divided into two; H24 (Arctic Greenhouse, 96 m²) into three; and H25 (93 m²) into four, or all together 469 m² under glass. Furthermore some frames are available. In the Arctic Greenhouse (house no. 24) high-arctic plants are cultivated. The temperature is kept low during the growing season in the summer. In winter plants are frozen and kept dark in the cellar. The other houses are normally heated greenhouses. 

Associate professor dr. phil. Knud Ib Christensen. Øster Farimagsgade 2 B, Telephone: 0045+3532224 or 0045+35322217,
email: knudib@snm.ku.dk