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Registration and Identification of Plants 

For the last 200 years each new plant arriving to the garden receives an accession number which is registered in our Accession Book (since 1994 in EDP) together with information on the origin of the material, whether seeds or cuttings. In our register (since 1986 in EDP) each accession number is given a 5-letter family code*, genus*, species*, author of the species, name of lower taxon* (either subspecies, variety, forma, or cultivar if any), author of this name, localities in the garden where it is cultivated, when it is identified, where it is collected and by whom, the distribution* of the taxon of lowest rank given, the name in Danish* if any, ISO-code, etc. An * indicates that this information is also found on the labels in the garden. This register is kept in the office of the garden, but information from it can be drawn from the computers on the local network.

At this moment 23,462 accession numbers are registered in our garden. They represent 313 families, 2,707 genera, 12,287 species and further subspecies, varieties and cultivars. A new plant is generally sent for identification when it flowers for the first time. The result of this identification with comments are written in an identification protocol (since 1996 in EDP). From here the name is transferred to the register. Since 1972 a revision of our entire collection within families or larger and especially critical genera has been done. In 1994 a revision of all names of plants in the register was initiated and will soon be finished. The last time a similar revision was made was 1873-1883. For a proper identification of the plants, it is indispensable that a large amount of botanical literature and a large herbarium is available. For that reason the office of the garden taxonomist is placed in close connection to both the Central Botanical Library and the herbarium of the Botanical Museum.

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