Botanical Garden – University of Copenhagen

About the Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is a unique green space in the heart of Copenhagen, which invites engagement in the world of nature. The garden is part of the Natural History Museum of Denmark and differs significantly from other parks in the city by being a living museum with research, public outreach, teaching and nature conservation as its main tasks. Here, you will find Denmark’s largest scientific collection of plants – including species that are either threatened or extinct in nature.

Therefore, special rules of conduct apply in the Botanical Garden.

The most important rules

  • Bicycles are not allowed 
  • Dogs and other pets are not allowed 
  • Picking flowers, seeds, and other plant parts are not allowed 
  • Grills, camp fires etc. are not allowed 
  • Ball games, jogging etc. are not permitted 
  • Due to very narrow paths, prams and buggies are not permitted inside the greenhouses 
  • It is allowed to sit on the lawns and enjoy a packed lunch in selected areas.

Thank you for helping us take care of the garden, the greenhouses, the special atmosphere and the national natural history collections.

Botanical Garden Café

Botanical Garden Shop

Visitor Information

Opening hours

April 1 - September 30: 8.30 am - 6.00 pm 
(All days)

October 1 - March 31: 8.30 am - 4.00 pm
(All days)

*NB: Special opening hours for the greenhouses.

Entrance: free with the exception of special events.

Map of the Botanical Garden.



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